GAHC’s First Christmas

News!   GAHC’s celebrates its’ First Christmas

GAHC marks its’ first christmas with a window display entitled “Christmas 1950′s”.   After the austerity of WW II families looked whole-heartedly towards Christmas.   Although meat rationing was still in force until 4th July 1954 (sweets in 1953) for the first time in years Chicken, Turkey and Goose began to appear on the table.

Our window exhibit shows ‘Mum’ putting the finishing touches to the tree, surrounded by toys and games!   As the fire roars up the chimney, a rare bottle of Haig’s ‘Dimple’ whisky (for Santa’s wee nip) sits on a side-table and, hanging from the mantelpiece, wee Johnny’s sock with an orange,apple and,  tucked away in the toe – a thruppeny bit!